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    Chinese is our mother tongue language
    High quality language translation by Chinese translation experts who only ever translate into their mother tongue

    Service levels
    Every project has different requirements, so we offer different service levels to mach your needs.

    Technology integration
    Benefit from lower costs, faster turnaround times and more consistent terminology by integrating translation technologies into your text management workflow.

    The best translators
    Our translators are selected according to their specialist skills in areas such as technical translation –requiring in-depth knowledge of industry terminology-financial translation, legal translation and medical translation.
    Fast, Professional translation services

    Oriental Translation Services Shanghai (“Orientaltrans”), a professional provider of translation services in Shanghai , is a member unit and translation service credit unit of the Translators Association of China, and is a localization company hammering at engineering technology translation, website localization, consecutive interpretation, simul[More]

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    Call us now on:
    +86-21-63217687 63215515 (Shanghai ,china)

    E-MAIL:sales@njtn.com(Customer Service) hr@njtn.com(Recruitment)

    Address:Room 1004,New Century Mansion,No.1011,Lujiabang Road,Shanghai,China 200011
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